Introducing K-YAN: The Learning tool for the proposed solution is based on an Integrated and Innovative Technology Platform, called Integrated Community Computer. It combines all these hi-tech innovations into one compact unit, which is portable, single cable device, internet ready and converts any wall into an interactive wall. The teacher is the core of K-Yan and innovations around it. It enables a teacher to focus on teaching rather than technology. K-YAN is:
(a) All in One Device: which combines the functionality of a Computer, Projector, Large Screen TV, DVD Player, Audio System and more into a single unit

(1) Global Trend – ICT in Education: Globalization and Technological change are processes that have accelerated in tandem over the past fifteen years creating a new global economy ‘powered by technology, fuelled by information and driven by knowledge’. The emergence of this economy proves the importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a tool for delivering education around the world
(2) K-YAN (Knowledge Vehicle) – Integrated technology enabled learning solution: K-Yan is a holistic solution towards providing an interactive learning environment in the school. It responds to the needs of students and teachers in the most cost-effective ways. It ensures a school teaches opens up opportunities for students to learn, understand and perform better through an ingenious combination of technology and multimedia content mapped to curriculum. The solution has been designed on a teacher centric approach. All components of the platform, be it technology, or content, has been devised to facilitate the teacher to make the entire learning experience magical in the classroom
(3) Benefits of K-YAN: The K-YAN packages several features into one unit and is therefore the ALL IN ONE EDUCATIONAL DEVICE, which every school needs for improved learning outcomes. The key benefits of K-YAN are:
(a) ALL IN ONE EDUCATIONAL DEVICE: This ensures that one device performs several different functions removing both the hassle and cost of buying, using and maintaining separate devices.
(b) COST OPTIMISATION: Eliminates the need for installing separate infrastructure in every classroom as it can be carried into every classroom with ease
(c) ANY ROOM CAN CONVERT INTO AN INTERACTIVE CLASSROOM: This is a unique feature which eliminates the limitation of having special boards, thereby making it a perfect solution for those on constrained budget of limited number of classrooms
(d) CONCEPT BASED MULTI-MEDIA CONTENT: The schools can also package it with K-CLASS, which is our world class multimedia content developed by an ISO certified team available for classes K-12. This content makes learning fun, engaging and helps students connect to it better
(4) Experience of IL&FS Education: IL&FS Education & Technology Services Ltd is India’s leading social infrastructure development company. We are working with the vision to propel inclusive growth by developing the human infrastructure of the country through our initiatives in Education, Employability and Employment
IL&FS Education in collaboration with IIT Bombay developed the World’s First Integrated Community Computer, which combines the functionality of a computer with a high luminosity large screen projection system delivering an exceptional multimedia experience in education.
II. Proposed Solution:
(1) Objective: The proposed solution leverages technology as a platform for innovative, interactive solutions to make the classroom interactive and fun. K-YAN (Knowledge Yan) is an interactive device bundles a computer, projector, smart board into a single wire, easy to use format which is portable. It not only engages the learner but also empowers the teacher to interact with the class, thereby improving the learning outcomes. The K-YAN helps schools achieve the following objectives:
(a) Revolutionize the teaching-learning process in the schools by setting up of innovative IT enabled education solution
(b) Make learning interactive, effective and interesting for students
(c) Empower the students and teachers of schools by assisting them in acquiring IT skills and to feel confident in using IT as an essential part of their lives
(d) Facilitate over all development of the students by providing them with the access to the world of information through Innovative technology tool Integrated Community Computer.